The Kuraybers

Folk, balkan, jazz and classical and contemporary music are some of the flavours that The Kuraybers offer on stage. Everything started when 7 musicians from 6 different countries met at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo around 2013 and they started to play some music together.

The Kuraybers is:

- Daniel Lazar: Violin

- Almir Meskovic: Accordion

- Greg Miszczyszyn: Accordion

- Espen Wensaas: Guitar and mandolin

- Bjørnar Kaldefoss Tveite: Double Bass

- Boris Iochev: Drums

- Ramon Figueras Alsius: Trumpet

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Doctor Prats

Doctor Parts was born about 4 years and they have already released 3 albums, played more than 250 concerts and become very successful in Catalonia.

Besides that they have started to tour outside Spain in countries like Belgium, Morocco, France, Hungary and Japan among others.

Doctor Prats is:

- Miki Santamaria: Bass

- Mark-e Riera: Lead voice and Guitar

- Guillem Boltó: Trombone and voice

- Ramon Figueras: Trumpet and vocals

- Victor Martínez: Keyboards

- Oriol Cors: Drums

- Josep Jaume Rey: El. Guitar

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They love to produce, to play and to create different mood with music.

Discover their new project of deep house mixed with electronic music elements, jazz and ambience music.


2 singles recorded in Barcelona, at Medusa Studio and they will be available really soon on Spotify and other platforms. 

Møtus is:
Greg Miszczyszyn

Mariusz Wiater 

Ramon Figueras Alsius

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Trumpet and trombone

Ramon and Guillem are the horn section for Doctor Prats. They love to play tight and good and they have shared many hours of live music, recording sessions and tours.

The most versatile and tightest duo ever.

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Organ & Trumpet

Ramon's passion for baroque music and the fact of having an uncle who is an excellent organ player made it happen. Piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn and mutes are combined with the trumpet in order to create the texture  for every piece they play. From baroque to 21th century music.

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Ramon lived in Scandinavia for 6 years and he played with the main orchestras in Norway. He won the co-principal trumpet position in Wermland Opera (Sweden) and he worked there for 3 years.

Now he is back in the Barcelona area and he is freelancing with orchestras, bands, folk ensembles and as a studio musician.


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